Video Biography

We specialize in documenting people’s lives and accomplishments.  Whether your a rock star or house wife what you’ve done and experienced in your life is important.

William Kearney is one the pioneers of mobile communications in this country.  Through Bill’s interactions with his friends and family he reveals his character, accomplishments,  and love of family.


Mary Perrin is one of our heros.  Throughout her video she demonstrates her determination and devotion to her children and loved ones.


Below is a video biography of Herman Berlandt. Do you know this man? He reshaped the face of poetry in the United States. He did it in a joyful exercise of self expression. His persistence has given us the National Poetry Month, The National Poetry Foundation, and Poetry Slamms. Here is a short video that tells about Herman, his poetry, and what he’s accomplished.

Tribute Video & Memorial Videos

This is an excerpt from a 10 minute Memorial Video of Robert Kroninger retired Superior Court judge, musician, commercial fisherman, gardener, and gourmet cook.  Using only Bob’s favorite music and still photographs we were able create a dynamic story of this man’s amazing life. We create drama and mood through camera movement—utilizing the “Ken Burns Effect”—that allowed us to animate the photos by panning across an image, zooming in for a closeup,  or out for a wide shot.  The other secret ingredient that makes this Tribute Video work is the music and how it enhances the images.


Showcase Video

This was a showcase video created for sculptor Bruce Mitchell who had been commissioned by the Valley Fare Shopping Mall in Santa Clara California to make 32 stools for their new outdoor cafeteria.   Bruce had two goals for this video: one to showcase his work;  and the second was to demonstrate how he carved the stools.  In addition to the narration track we incorporated the sounds of the hand tools and the chainsaw as an integral part of telling Bruce’s story.

Explainer Video

Collaborating with Elisabeth Stitt on the creation of the narration script was the first part of creating this Explainer video about her coaching practice.   The second part of the creation process was deciding on what type of B-roll footage we would use over the narration.  The  B-roll footage allowed us to cut away from a static image of Elisabeth talking and show images that related to what is she is talking about.  Using B-roll cutaways creates interest and is critical for crafting an engaging visual story.

Allen Bronstein’s Demo Reel

All the videos on this demo reel were directed, photographed, and edited by Allen. In addition, he composed the music, and created the sound design for each.