Everyone has a little piece of spirit…  

Of the billions of stars in the Milky Way scientists believe that many have planets with life, perhaps like ours. Astronomers say there are billions of galaxies in the universe.  The numbers are unfathomable.

And if that is so, what about God?  How can god be everywhere… At the same time…  watching over all of this.  My head hurts trying to imagine it.

Yet when I look inside I can sense the presence of spirit. Is it possible that rather than being something outside and separate from us, spirit is within… a part of our DNA… Sort of like a genetic hologram?

One of the curious facts about a Hologram is that they defy logic because even when the negative is broken up into pieces, when light is shown through each piece, it still has the ability to display the whole image just like the original negative.

Could it be that spirit works inside of us in same way?  And that when we focus our attention on that part of our being, like shining a light through a piece of a hologram, we can illuminate spirit.


Science Has Not Ruined God For Me