Celebrate Your Life and Accomplishments with a Personal History, Tribute, or My Life, My Story™ Biography Video

Document and preserve the special people and events in a loved ones’  life with a professionally produced tribute video from Your Life Matters. We’re experts in creating personal documentaries that will be treasured for generations.

How We Work

Depending on your budget and time requirements, we can create a biography video using your photographs and music, or a more elaborate production. Our filmmakers will work with you to produce a personal, intimate documentary by incorporating any of the following elements to further illuminate the subject’s background, accomplishments and character.

Elements that enhance your tribute or biography video: A video biography is a lasting document that illuminates a person’s background, accomplishments and character. It will be treasured by generations to come. Below are some of the ways we can help you tell your story.

Captioned Photos:  We experts in restoring old photos.  Adding captions under selected pictures can enrich the content by noting a specific person, place, date, or accomplishment.

Capturing Stories & Recollections: By recording a friend or loved one talking about their lives and recollections elevates the video, changing it from a simple slideshow into a personal documentary. We can videotape these stories either at your location or remotely.

Old Video Footage: Nothing reminds us of a person’s past as vividly as a film. It’s worth checking with family and friends to see if someone has collected footage that might be a perfect addition to video.

Cards, Letters, or Journal Entries: Personal notes, diary or journal entry, and other correspondence can illuminate what a person was thinking or experiencing at a specific time in their life. Also artwork, cards or letters from a grandchild show how loved they were.  All can easily be incorporated into your video.

Poems and Sayings: The thoughts and sentiments that a person lives by can be animated on the screen with text to illuminate who they were and how they lived.

News Clippings and Scrapbook Memorabilia: We can highlight a subjects professional accomplishments by isolating selected passages from a newspaper or magazine article. We can also show high school and college athletic or arts achievements, trophies, awards, merit badges, or collections.

Voice-Over Narration:   Incorporating a professional narrator to tell your story is a great way to add another dimension and special polish to your video.

Music: Music is another reflection of who someone is.   Incorporating their favorite music, through royalty free music, adds another important dimension to your video.  

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