Celebrate Your Life and Accomplishments with a Personal History, Tribute, or Biography Video

Give a special video gift to a loved one. Share a life story… celebrate a birthday or anniversary… or recognize a business success with a memorial or tribute video.

Document and preserve the special people and events in a loved ones’  life with a professionally produced tribute video from Your Life Matters. We’re experts in creating personal documentaries that will be treasured for generations.

Tribute and Biography Videos

A video biography is lasting document that illuminates a loved one’s background, accomplishments and character.   It will be treasured by generations to come.  Below are some of the ways we can help you tell your story.

Captioned Photos:  We experts in restoring old photos.  Adding captions under selected pictures can enrich the content by noting a specific person, place, date, or accomplishment.

Videotaping Stories & Recollections: By recording a friend or loved one talking about their lives and recollections elevates the video, changing it from a simple slideshow into a personal documentary. We can videotape these stories either at your home or remotely, using the latest video conferencing technology.

Old Video Footage: Nothing reminds us of a person’s memory as vividly as a film. It’s worth checking with family and friends to see if someone has collected footage of the subject that might be a perfect addition to the funeral video or biography.

Cards, Letters, or Journal Entries: Personal notes, diary or journal entry, and other correspondence can illuminate what a person was thinking or experiencing at a specific time in their lives. Also artwork, cards or letters from a grandchild show how loved they were.  All can easily be incorporated into your video.

Poems and Sayings: The thoughts and sentiments that a person lives by can be animated on the screen with text to illuminate who they were and how they lived.

News Clippings and Scrapbook Memorabilia: We can highlight a subjects professional accomplishments by isolating selected passages from a newspaper or magazine article. We can also show high school and college athletic or arts achievements, trophies, awards, merit badges, or collections.

Voice-Over Narration:   Incorporating a professional narrator to tell your story is a great way to add another dimension and special polish to your video.

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