Family History & Legacy Video

3 generations gather for a family tribute video by Your Life Matters Video, SF Bay Area

“Tell me about your life… I really want to know.”

—what future generations will ask

We are the keepers of culture. Sharing a life story connects and informs family… one generation to the next… in a profound and important way.   Who we are and what we’ve done connects the past, present, and future in ways we can only begin to fathom.

Your life story is not just an expression of ego. It’s a manifestation of shared knowledge. Looking back is not only a summing up of the who, what, or why of you, but the insight you’ve acquired along the way. That knowledge is one of the most important contributions you’ll leave to future generations.

At YLMV, we believe everyone is a hero. Not just the most successful among us, but anyone who has lived their life has valuable stories to tell and wisdom to share. And family members want to hear those stories, to better know who you are…and shed light on who they are.

Video history is good for your health

It’s been proven that telling one’s life story and creating a legacy document, like a personal video history, has a beneficial and therapeutic effect for both the subject and their relatives or caregivers.

Research also suggests that life story and reminiscence therapy can reduce depression and anxiety, improve mood, cognitive ability and well being in Alzheimer’s and Dementia patients. (Here is an article about Reminiscence therapy and life story work)

At Your Life Matters Video we’re able to listen well and gently elicit and identify the stories and messages that illuminate the important aspects of a persons life and accomplishments.   We’re experts at editing that raw material into a professional personal documentary that will be treasured for generations to come.

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