Video Biography

Everybody’s life matters.  A legacy or video biography is one of the most meaningful things you can leave to your family. It helps generations connect in a profound and important way.

Who you are matters.  A My Life, My Story™ video, personal history, or tribute video is a way to say the important things about a loved one and help pass their wisdom from one generation to the next.

Where you came from matters.  A My Life, My Story™ biography video or family history helps people acknowledge the talents and gifts of a family member. Knowing the culture and traditions we came from helps us to understand who we are.

What you do matters.  Documenting the struggles and triumphs of a person’s career or business success with a tribute video is a wonderful way to recognize his or her professional achievements.

Your voice matters.  Create a legacy, family history, or My Life, My Story™ video biography that will record and preserve your life and accomplishmentsImagine your grandchildren and great grandchildren seeing you tell your story in your voice!

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